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iGaging Digital Speed Micrometer Getting Rave Reviews At General Tool & Supply

Posted by General Tool & Supply Company Attleboro, Massachusetts on

On our front counter in our physical store, we have a new iGaging#35-070-25 0-1" Digital Absolute Speed Micrometer. Once our customers see it and try it, they are amazed at this revolutionary micrometer.

What makes this iGaging Digital Absolute Speed Micrometer special is that the spindle does not move, as you open and close the micrometer with the quick lever located on the front of the micrometer. This "game changer" feature enables you to get quick accurate measurements.

You can see the video here

The LEVER ACTIVATED spindle allows you to take measurements many times faster than a traditional micrometer. In the time it takes to set up and take a single measurement on a standard micrometer, you can take many many measurements of different sizes with the iGaging Speed Micrometer with equal accuracy!


* Lever activated - Fully opens and closes in less than one second
* Linear Moving sensor provides accurate and reliable measurements
* Measuring Range - 0-1"/0-25mm
* Carbide Tipped Spindle
* Resolution: 0.00005"/ 0.001mm
* Accuracy: +/-0.00015"/0.003mm
* Fixed Thimble
* IP65 Coolant Proof
* SPC/USB Data Output available BUT not included
* Ball Attachment is Included
* Comes with Calibration Certs

* Reviewers are calling this iGaging Speed Micrometer a "game changer"

We have them in stock at

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