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Explaining What The Specs Mean On Norton Grinding Wheels, 5SG, 32A, 38A, 25A

Posted by Louis DiLullo on

When selling Norton wheels, the question we hear over and over again is, "what do the Norton specs on the wheel mean?"  This post will explain it all to you.

When you are looking for Norton wheels you will see a size on the wheel (for example, 7X1/4X1-1/4) and then a number and letter(s). In this post, we will deal with the common numbers and letters like, 5SG, 32A, 38A, and 25A.

Norton SG:

When you see a Norton wheel with the markings SG after the size, you are looking at your best choice for high productivity and low total per part grinding cost. 

Features of Norton SG wheels:

* Exceptionally high-performance proprietary seeded gel ceramic aluminum oxide abrasive

* Self-sharpening abrasive

* High performance VS and VSP bonds

* Provide sharp edge on tools and dies

* 5SG-Durable Norton SG and aluminum oxide blend-blue

Benefits Of Norton SG Wheels:

* Fast stock removal, cool superior cutting

* 3X-5X more life than aluminum oxide wheels

* Double rough stock removal rate versus conventional abrasives

* Less burn, less dressing; very consistent performing wheel

* Versatile; exceptional form holding

* High stock removal rates, excellent productivity, long wheel life, low overall grinding cost

Norton 32A:

When you see a Norton wheel with the markings 32A after the size, you are looking at a wheel that is good for Medium to Heavy stock removal.

Features Of Norton 32A Wheels:

* Sharp monocrystalline aluminum oxide grain-the industry's most versatile abrasive

Benefits Of 32A Wheels:

*Free cutting on a wide range of applications and materials

* Outstanding form holding

Norton 38A:

When you see a Norton wheel with the markings 38A after the size, you are looking at a wheel that is good for Light Grinding of Tool Steels.

Features of Norton 38A Wheels:

* White, friable abrasive grain

* Consistent quality

* Versatile

Benefits of Norton 38A Wheels:

* Cool and burn-free cutting; ideal for heat-sensitive applications with light to moderate feed rates

* Excellent balance and dimensional accuracy time after time

* Exceptionally cool cutting in light pressure grinding applications, or heat-sensitive applications

* Ideal for use across a broad variety of tool steels

Norton 25A Wheels:

When you see a Norton wheel with the markings 25A after the size, you are looking at a wheel that is good for Heat-Sensitive Applications.

Features of 25A Wheels:

* Controlled porosity bond

* Durable bond post

* Maximum depth of cut

Benefits of Norton 25A Wheels:

* Increased chip clearance and maximum coolant flow

* Reduced loading

* Cool cutting-wet or dry-in heat sensitive applications

* Maximum grain retention

* Light dressing; longer wheel life

* Increased grain efficiency; consistent grinding action at high metal removal rates

If you have any questions on Norton grinding wheels, please give us a call at 1-800-322-0005. We will help you select the correct wheel for your grinding jobs.

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