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Lixie Dead Blow Hammers, Mallets & Sledge Hammers

Posted by Louis DiLullo on

General Tool & Supply Company of Attleboro, Massachusetts has been an authorized Lixie Distributor for over 40 years. During that span, we never carried another Dead Blow hammer line because simply, Lixie Dead Blow Hammers are the best.

Over the years, Lixie has grown their hammer line to meet the needs of all kinds of Industries. Toolrooms, Mechanics, Molding shops, and Flooring installers all have a need for a Lixie Hammer. Currently, Lixie offers many different types of hammers designed to help you get your job done. I will go over each of them in this post.

Many have used Lixie's Dead Blow Iron Mallet with the famous hickory handle and interchangeable faces.  The head on these mallets is made of tough malleable iron casting that resists damage and deterioration. The hollow casting allows unobstructed movement of shot for stronger striking. The hickory handle provides better shock and absorption. The supplied urethane faces outlast and outperform thermoplastic, nylon & rawhide faces.  Lixie's most popular Iron Mallet head Dead Blow hammers are the 100H-MH, 125H-MH, 150H-MH, 200H-MH, 250H-MH and the 300H-MH. All can be purchased at

Lixie also makes a line of Spark Resistant Aluminum Head Dead Blow Hammers. These Lixie Dead Blow hammers have and aluminum alloy head casting that is spark resistant and can be used in hazardous environments. The reduced head weight prevents user fatigue & injuries. Like the Lixie Iron Mallets the Aluminum Head Lixie hammers also have the hollow casting for unobstructed movement of shot, the Hickory Handle and are supplied with urethane faces. The most popular Lixie Aluminum Head Dead Blow Hammers are the 100L-MH, 125L-MH, 150L-MH, 200L-MH, 250L-MH and the 300L-MH. All can be purchased at

If you are looking for a Spark Resistant Aluminum Dead Blow Hammer with FIBERGLASS HANDLES, Lixie has you covered.  These Dead Blows have all the features as the above mentioned Spark Resistant Hammers but differ as the come with a fiberglass handle which provides unsurpassed toughness and comfort. Lixie most popular fiberglass handle hammers are 100F-MH, 125F-MH, and 150F-MH. All can be purchased at

Gunsmithing and Jewelry professionals love the line of Lixie's Pinning & Tacking Hammers. These hammers have a silicon bronze head which are spark resistant. They have a compact profile engineered  for working in confined spaces. The hickory handle on these hammers provide better shock and recoil absorption. Great for firearms assembly and gunsmithing. The most popular types of the pinning & tacking hammers are the P-H and O hammers. These hammers can be purchased at 

Tool and Die makers will find Lixie's line of Dual Purpose Rivet and Tinning Hammers a useful addition to their work bench. These hammers are designed and engineered for tool and die assembly and repairs. They are mostly used for installation of aluminum, brass and copper rivets. The hammers have spark resistant  silicon bronze heads. Lixie's most popular type of these hammers are the A, B, and C style. All can be purchased at

Square Nose Engineers Hammers are also manufactured by Lixie. Commonly referred to as Lump, Club Drilling or Engineers hammers, these hammers are designed and engineered  for striking punches and chisels. They can also be used for deconstruction and disassembly of machine tools, and to install large tapered and straight assembly pins. The hammers come with spark resistant silicon bronze heads. Lixie most popular types of these hammers are the D, E and F hammers. All can be purchased at

Lixie has a complete range of replaceable faces ranging form 1" diameter to 3". Grades of faces you can get are Hard (Black) Medium(Green),Tough(Red), Soft (Tan). For the floor installers, you can also buy the Lixie 2" Brown (200W). Again, these faces, replacement handles, shot and inserts can all be bought at

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